What if Building an Authentic Business is Possible?

I think about this topic often.

Is it possible to build an authentic business? One that feels good every step, or at least most, of the way.

When I first started my business, I hired a couple of business coaches. And they were both amazing.

But I didn’t get any results.

Which I take full responsibility for.

Most of what they suggested, I didn’t do.

All of it was out of my comfort zone and I would justify not doing it by saying that it didn’t feel aligned.

There is a difference between things that don’t feel aligned and things that I am scared to do or that are out of my comfort zone. And the key is knowing the difference. Tuning in to see which is which.

When I know that something is aligned, it feels good. My heart flutters. I feel inner peace. I don’t cringe at the thought of it.

But when it is out of alignment, it feels heavy. The thought of doing it creates an inner chaos.

I haven’t always known the difference though. So there have been times I have made the mistake of doing something and it didn’t work out because it wasn’t in alignment. And I have also avoided things that I later found out I should have done because I had mistaken discomfort with misalignment.

This is two years in the making of tuning into my body and knowing the difference.

So now, back to my original question. Is it possible to build an authentic business?

This is what I am exploring. I have done a lot of the things. Followed many different blueprints, programs, courses, some worked well, others not so much.

I have invested thousands of dollars into programs hoping they would be the thing that flipped my business around.

I want to build a business that feels good. I truly believe that this is possible. AND I recognize that there will be things that don’t bring me joy but are necessary, such as bookkeeping.

Of course, I could outsource those tasks but for a new entrepreneur, this might not be feasible.

My findings so far

I have noticing where I need to shift. Getting honest with myself and letting go of what doesn’t feel right…even when it is scary.

Awareness is definitely key.

And after that, getting clear on what I truly want.

Then staying focused on what feels good.

My results have been that when I am aligned, things feel easy. Clients come find me.

Committing to this means that little intuitive hits will lead me down paths that make no sense. But when something pulls me, I follow it.

Sometimes it seems to be a dead end but always has lessons or reappears again.

And other times, it leads me right where I thought it would.

Now I am turning over the question to you. Do you think it is possible to build an aligned, authentic business? Let me know in the comments. I will keep updating as I pursue my own aligned business.

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