Setting Client Boundaries

How does that statement make you feel? Do you feel like it creates a safe space to grow your business or does it strangle your creativity? Is this an area of life that you feel confident in? 

     “I didn’t set this boundary to either offend you or please you, I did it to manage the priorities and goals in my life” Unknown

 Perhaps it’s easy for you to lay down the law when it comes to your kids or family members but how about when you are delivering a service and are hoping to build your client base and more importantly, get paid…

What does ‘boundaries’ mean for you? The Oxford dictionary explains a ‘boundary’ as “a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.” Or “a limit of a subject or sphere of activity.” As you are building your own business, it is vital to your long-term success to clearly define your limits at the start of your business relationship, for example: are you allowing ample down time in your schedule for the things that nourish your soul?

One purpose of a boundary is to honour and respect both sides: the giver and the taker.

As a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manageer, clarify limits from the start; will you respond to emails or texts after hours? One of the most powerful tools is to know your target market. Who is your ideal client and who would you like to work with. Your precious time could be spent working with people who align with your values and makes your work a pleasure.

As the client, respect the fact that your service provider has a life outside of work. Establish your expectations and ensure they are realistic ☺ Demanding work on non-work hours is not ok. Often urgent, last minute projects could have been forecasted, planned ahead for, and avoided. Consider especially launches and special projects.

“Poor planning on your side does not necessitate an emergency on mine.” Bob Carter

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