Imposter Syndrome

Confession time: I have been paralyzed by imposter syndrome for months now.

I have wanted to pivot my business into a creative agency and partner up with my sisters and best friend who each have special talents to bring to the table that I know will serve entrepreneurs well.

But I have been swirling around in the idea that I don’t have enough experience.

I don’t have enough knowledge or capacity.

I need to take a few more certification programs so that I will be ready.

The truth is that no matter how many courses and certifications I take, how many books I read, or how many coaches I hire, I still struggle with imposter syndrome.

To defeat those voices, take action

I have been listening to those voices for months, even years and they have held me back.

But then I talk to my clients and other entrepreneurs who are struggling with the very problem I am looking to solve and I realize that I can make it all about me, or all about the people that will benefit when I take this next step.

So last weekend, I revamped my website.

I declared that I am no longer a one-person show, but now a team of professionals with tons of experience that can help many grow their businesses.

It is in taking action, that I gain confidence.

And that is how you too will overcome imposter syndrome. By doing the thing that makes you feel like an imposter.

Here are some other ways:

  • Become aware of those voices that are calling you an imposter. Start to get a bit curious and ask questions such as “is that actually true?” Look for evidence that does not support that old story.
  • Understand that what you have called failure is feedback.
  • Know that you aren’t alone. We all suffer from imposter syndrome. Look at the number of books written on this topic.
  • Take action. I mentioned this earlier but can’t stress it enough. The only way to gain more confidence is to do something about it.

What has your journey with imposter syndrome been? Share in the comments.

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