Live Life to the fullest

Are you living to the fullest?

I have had the honor and pleasure to speak with several millionaires (and beyond) and one thing that has always fascinated me is that many of them reflect back on their life and talk about how full their bank accounts are, but how much they missed out on life, the things that truly mattered. Sometimes, the pursuit of money has cost them their family, their relationships, and even their health.

There is one thing I have always known…

We are only here for a short time. Live life on and with purpose.

We like to think that we can make that call tomorrow. Or say “I love you” later. Or find a job we love next year.

So often we think that things are permanent – that our loved ones will be around forever or that if we leave our job, we may never find another one so we act accordingly.

We don’t say the things we want to say or do the things we truly desire.

And I get it. I don’t live fully. But I am definitely working on it.

A Reminder

Recently, our family got some news that blindsided us. It was a huge reminder that life is unpredictable and precious.

As my partner and I sat and processed the news, we talked about the preciousness of life, how much we have put so much energy towards our worries and anxieties.

We shared our regrets.

Things like how much time we spent arguing with loved ones, including each other, over money or stuff. And how those seemed so important and heated at the time but that as time has passed, we wondered why we allowed them to affect our relationships so much.

I shared how I wish I had been more present as a parent when my daughter was younger and how quickly the years have gone by.

We talked about how much our families mean to us and that we sometimes forget that we love them.

And we weren’t looking to rehash the past and feel guilt, but to reflect on what truly matters.

If you know my story, I lost two uncles to murder. Their lives taken in an instant. And something I don’t share often is how much I think about them. When people say that not a day goes by without them thinking about their loved ones, I get it. I often think about about the injustice of it all AND also how much their lives touched mine.

How to Live More Fully

As my partner and I discussed how we envision our lives if we intentionally created it, we talked about our values, our hopes, and dreams.

Here are some ways you can live more fully:

  • Get back to basics. Learn to regulate your nervous system. Take care of yourself. Enjoy the cake but remember to feed your body the foods that nourishes it. Exercise and move.
  • Reduce as much stress as possible.
  • Define your values and priorities. If you haven’t read The Values Factor by Dr John Demartini, it is such an eye opening read.
  • Tell your loved ones you love them. You don’t actually know when the last time you will be able to say it to them.
  • Love and be kind to yourself – there is only one you and that is what makes you unique. Do things that make you happy. Take responsibility for YOUR life and empower others to take responsibility for theirs. I have spent many years people pleasing and living others’ dreams, don’t make this mistake.
  • Breathe. Your breath is happening in the present moment – remember to take deep breaths.
  • Allow yourself to dream – what do you truly desire? If time, money, and resources were unlimited, what would you do with your life? Give this one some thought…
  • Work with your fears and be willing to get uncomfortable.
  • Pursue that job or business that has been on your heart for a while.

These are the things we are working and committing to. The fear one and getting uncomfortable is a tough one. There are many things we want in life but we also realize that we have to let go of other things to create the space for them. Instead of looking at what you will have to lose.

Are you ready to live more fully? Share your journey or experience below.

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