If You Wait For Perfection, You Will Wait Your Whole Life

I released my first book, The Journey Home: A Guided Journal to Discovering and Being Your True Self in November 2018.

I had been talking about it all year. Telling everyone I was working on my first book. In case you didn’t know, I had already co-authored a book that was released in March of that year so writing a book wasn’t exactly new territory for me. But this one was a lot more personal and near to my heart.

Anyway, for a number of different reasons, for example, self-doubt and imposter syndrome, I was holding off. Until I started working with a book coach who made me choose a hard deadline.

Choosing a launch date, getting together a book launch team, and getting promotional materials together was just what I needed to remind myself that I have always been about progress over perfection.

While I can get caught up in waiting for the “perfect” moment, I am more one of those people who dives feet first into something, knowing that nothing is permanent.

I know that I can pivot. I have done it more times that I care to count.

And if you have been with me on my entrepreneurial journey, you would see that my first website, my first posts, my first business idea evolved into something better. It’s nowhere near perfect… and that is okay.

This year, I am relaunching this journal. It is going to be bigger and better. But I’m sure I will have more to add and will either create or release another journal or I will want to improve this even further. And all of those options are always open.

I have seen with many of my virtual assisting and online business management clients too. Their need for perfection can keep them spinning for months because they are trying to meet an unachievable goal.

If you choose progress instead this means that the people waiting for what you have to offer to get to see your work now. It also opens an opportunity for them to provide feedback and for you to improve upon your work. You can do this as many or as few times as you like. There is no limit.

Waiting for perfection will mean you wait your whole life.

What are you waiting for?

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