Building a Business From the Heart

Because I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, I feel this is an important subject to address.

When it comes to building my business, I tend to function from gut feelings. Meaning that if something doesn’t resonate with me within my body, I don’t do it.

This made it a bit challenging for my first couple of business coaches. I really didn’t know much about the coaching industry when I hired my first coach. They were charismatic, persuasive and just what I thought I needed. They had grown a 6-figure business quickly, so it made sense that I sign up with them. Until we started working together.

Don’t get me wrong. Their work is amazing. I have watched as they have progressed and evolved and I wish them nothing but the best.

But they weren’t the right fit for me.

Their business approach didn’t feel right to me. They gave me a blueprint to follow and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t want to cold message people and pitch my services without any kind of relationship first.

So when I talk about building a business from the heart, I am talking about tuning in and hearing what your heart says and going with it.

Here’s what I have learned from doing that:

  • Your heart won’t lead you astray. Admittedly there have been times in which I have felt this little nudge to do something and immediately questioned why I would do that but the times that I do, magic happens. A new client reaches out, a new opportunity appears, or I get another intuitive hit that leads to something bigger.
  • You find your people. Letting your heart be the guide brings you the people that you need most to move you forward. Not only that, you build relationships first and people start to know, like, and trust you without really having to sell.
  • You feel aligned and in integrity. As I said above, I couldn’t follow my first coach’s blueprint because it didn’t resonate. The times that I did, I felt out of alignment and integrity but when you follow your heart you know what is right, even if others think otherwise. And that feels good.
  • You learn to trust yourself. There are so many different strategies and blueprints out there that you could follow. But I firmly believe that we already have the answers and the knowing within if we will just tune in and follow that. You may only see the next best step but that is truly all you need. Don’t get me wrong. Business coaches are amazing and absolutely needed but if like me, you are hiring them to give you the answers, you may not find what you are looking for.

How do you feel about following your heart in business? Comment below.

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