save time, money, and energy

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

As an entrepreneur, you know the overwhelm all too well. Between emails, making travel arrangements, setting up meetings, scheduling and engaging on social media, data entry, sending newsletters, blogging, and not to mention serving your clients, you feel as though the days are never long enough.

save time, money, and energy
Reduce the entrepreneurial overwhelm. The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

You know you need to do all of these things but often feel like you don’t know where to start.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

The benefits of a VA include:

Saves you time: All of those time draining activities, like checking your email, engaging on social media, entering data. A VA can take all of those away and because they are trained and skilled, they will be able to complete those tasks in a shorter period of time, which saves you time and money.

Fill in a skills gap: You may be an amazing coach, teacher, healer, but for some reason, you can not figure out how to set up your social media profiles. Different VAs have different skill sets so finding one whose strengths balance off your weaknesses allows you to focus on what you do best while letting your VA do what they do best.

Increases efficiency and productivity: As mentioned above, because you are able to focus on your zone of genius, you will be doing the tasks that you enjoy most which naturally will increase your efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, because a VA is paid by the hour or by the task, those tasks will be completed, which is better than being pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

And just as a side note, paying a VA hourly or by the task means that you don’t have to pay benefits or vacation, which you would if you were to hire a full-time employee.

Most VAs will be able to spot opportunities that increase productivity or efficiency such as small things like unsubscribing from email lists to decrease the number of emails you receive, or automating your processes which will free up more of your time.

Allows you to grow: Because you will now have a team member supporting you, this means that you can focus on more sales or client calls or creating your next big service or product offer.

There are many reasons to hire a virtual assistant. In my upcoming posts, I will share what you can outsource to a VA and how to find a good fit for your needs.

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