You Started Your Business to Create Freedom, Do What You Love, and Make a Difference in the World

But instead your find yourself burnt out trying to do all of the things.

You spend hours on content creation for social media, blogs, and newsletters, managing your inboxes, scheduling social media, managing your community, researching, building landing pages, setting up automations, and the list goes on.

Or maybe it’s the opposite. You spend time thinking about all of the things you feel you should be doing, but then end up spending hours spinning around in how to get it done, what to say and then another day goes by and you feel even more confused and frustrated.

And on top of that you, you have clients to serve and a desire to show up as your very best self.

You didn’t quite imagine that becoming a coach, healer, or online entrepreneur, would mean spending endless hours doing all. of. the. things.

Perhaps you left your corporate career thinking that your own business would lead to freedom and after working 12+ hour days, 7 days a week, you wake up questioning whether you made a big mistake.

You feel even more restricted and exhausted than ever.

We have been there.

Burnt out.


Done with all of this but have no idea how to make a change.

That’s where we come in.

Not only are we a creative agency that can help you with content creation, to social media and launch support, we offer so much more.

We offer Business Intensives to help you to set up the backend of your business, do Human Design readings to help you get aligned with your business and life, and coaching to help move you forward in your business. 

We are a team of visionaries with diverse experience who imagine a better world and our mission is to support those who envision the same.

Book a call or check out our services page to learn more.

About Me.

Hi, I’m Conny Lee. I am the founder of the Visionary Virtual Agency. 

What started out as a side business to help support me while I built my own coaching business uncovered my love for supporting others who are making a difference in the world. 

As an entrepreneur, a creative, a 2x Best-Selling Author, a Certified Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, I can relate to all you are going through. You are wearing ALL of the hats. You are tired, overwhelmed, and thought that becoming an entrepreneur meant you would have more freedom. 

Instead, your to-do list is longer than ever, your friends and family seem to be giving up on spending any time with you, and that deep desire to make an impact is stronger than ever but you are spending too much time doing tasks you don’t really enjoy. 

I have grown my team and now have 3 people supporting me to help support you. From administrative tasks such as email and calendar management to creative things such as graphic design and content creation, to technical stuff like funnel building and video editing, we have a lot of what you need under one roof.

I am the founder of this agency and offer the Business Intensives that include a Human Design reading, setting up the back end of your business, and building a more aligned business.

Reach out to see how we can help. 

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